Power Talk Services is a fully registered talk service provider business with a mission to provide first class and top rate solutions to the talk needs of our clients. Our primary focus in business is to provide practical solutions to our entire client talk needs but what stands us out from others is that this is no plain or ordinary talk but talk with a difference - power talk, the only sure way to talk with class, style and panache with the end result of making clients happy and satisfied, the art of which we have perfected over time.

According to documented research and surveys carried out worldwide, the greatest fear that people have is the fear of public speaking and it ranks higher on many a list than the fear of death. At Power Talk Services, we do talk the best way we know how - the power way. From the transformational to the educational to the informational to the inspirational and even to the entertaining, there is only one way that we know how to do talk and that is the power way. Our esteemed clients who have been fortunate to do business with us cannot be wrong. We make bold to say that we know what we are doing and we are in business solely because of you.

Core Values

At Power Talk Services, we stand for the following attributes. These attributes define what we do, how we conduct our business and us:

  • Professionalism - We believe in doing things in accordance with the highest professional standards possible. This is what makes the difference in our style of doing business.
  • Outstanding Service Delivery - We believe it is not just enough to have a service; the delivery is just as important. The ultimate goal is to leave the client with a lasting positive impression.
  • World Class Solutions - We believe in having our solutions rank with the best the world over. This, we achieve through a dynamic system of doing business in line with current global trends.
  • Excellence - We believe if it must be done then it must be done right; this stimulates us to attain excellence in providing solutions to client needs and demands, and in our dealings with all.
  • Results - No one argues with results so long as all the set goals are achieved. We strive to get results that no one can fault simply because these results meet and even exceed all expectations.

These are collectively known as the five rules of power.

Our Colours
  • White – The colour white represents Transparency and Probity at Power Talk Services.
  • Green – For us this stands for Results and Productivity.
  • Black – At Power Talk Services, this represents Maturity and Responsibility.

At Power Talk Services, customer satisfaction is our greatest desire and area of strength. On this, we choose not to default as it is our signature.

Power Talk...creatively powering solutions to all your talk needs.