There are 2 primary choices in our lives; to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them. - Denis Waitley

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling

Let guns give place to the robe, and the laurel of the warriors yield to the tongue of the orator. - Cicero

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Master of Ceremonies

For any event to be a success, the person who steers the ship of activities therein must be able to deliver the goods no matter the circumstances. Our target clientele is not limited to corporate organisations but also includes individuals and families so it does not matter whether it is an Annual General Meeting, a business seminar, a lecture, a product launch, an awards ceremony, a conference, a dinner, a wedding celebration or even a birthday anniversary. Whatever the event is so long as there is a need, we make bold to say that we meet that need adequately. Those who attend events want to be informed, entertained and inspired and all of that depends on how much of mastering the master of ceremonies brings to bear. We do all of that and more.

Voice-over Artiste

Do you have a TV commercial or perhaps it is that radio jingle and you just need that voice that will pass across your message to all concerned the best possible way and make your advert one to remember? If your answer is yes, then we can help you make your dreams and aspirations become a reality. Even if it is a script or narrative, we make bold to say that we are in business just because of you. We combine competence, finesse and polish to bring out the best in any job we do for you. Let us use the power of persuasion using vocal techniques and skills to make your job one that will not make you lose your sleep.

Public Speaker

Do you need someone to pass across a message to any audience using the power of oratory? Are you planning a seminar, a workshop, a conference, a convention etc and need someone to address others using the art of public speaking as a vehicle? Perhaps it is a group of people who need to be inspired and energised towards making a series of goals and targets achievable. We offer public speaking services with special focus on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Nation building and Development. Whatever your public speaking needs are, call us and let us know. There is a solution to match your requirement.

TV Presenter

Are you looking for a TV host with enough charisma to connect to the audience and make your programme one to look forward to? If you did answer in the affirmative then you should be talking to us right about now. From reality TV shows to talk shows to any other kind of show where the services of a talk master under the guise of a TV presenter are needed, talk to us and be sure we will meet that need in style. We talk with class and panache.

We also provide the following:

Training and Coaching

We offer bespoke training solutions in public speaking and communication designed for all manner of clients. Whether it is a one-on-one setting or group, we have a solution that matches your needs. No matter your training need, talk to us and we will think up a package that suits you perfectly. We offer specialised training and coaching in diction and elocution for all kinds of classes with size being the operative variable. Some of our generic courses include Diction and Elocution, Delivery and Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Communication Skills Essentials, Maximising Body Language, Speech Coaching, Social Etiquette in Communication etc. Our high-energy, qualitative, interactive and practical sessions will definitely help meet your training need.

Speech Writing

Do you need to write that speech to be delivered at a conference, seminar, lecture, political rally, social event etc and it is proving more than a tough nut to crack? Talk to us and let our experienced team of writers take the burden off you. We do it in style and you can never go wrong with us. We will help you with speech delivery classes as a bonus so you can be the star performer you want to be. Let us take the burden off you and help you get that standing ovation.


Are you planning an event whether a seminar or a conference and you need people with technical report writing skills to prepare a report on it? We provide rapporteurs for seminars, lectures, conferences etc so contact us right now for a high quality service delivery. We combine speed, accuracy, wide knowledge, and attention to detail to deliver on any job that we take up.

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